Linguistik online  5, 1/00

Manager im Deutschunterricht und Studenten in Unternehmen

 - Erfahrungen mit einem fachbezogenen Projektunterricht -

Katarina Mikova
Banska Bystrica


Project teaching in the teaching of professional German in Slovakia represents an attempt to bring a new educational concept to universities. The article is focused on a pilot project which has been carried out in co-operation: the participants were students of company business and German-speaking managers who work in various joint-venture companies in Slovakia. The project entailed an invitation to a manager who was subsequently present in a German class. The manager's presence included his/her written presentation of a business-related problem, a discussion with the students and, as the concluding phase, the students were invited to visit the particular company. The purpose of the whole process was to enable the students to encounter the foreign factor within their own, domestic social-cultural framework. Such an experience brings a certain shift in the perception of the foreign and the different, sensitizing the participants to a level which is desirable with regards to social contacts in their future careers. This article further analyzes the evaluation of the project. The evaluation included a questionnaire and the questions were focused on the organization of the project, on foreign-language competence acquisition, on educational effects in intercultural learning and on a general evaluation of the whole project. It should be noted that the ideas of the participating students are very inspiring.

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