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The concept of the new journal Linguistik online is to facilitate access to the results of linguistic research. In times when the financial resources of libraries in Western Europe are continuously shrinking, and in some parts of Eastern Europe virtually non-existent, Linguistik online is free of charge and available to all interested. It covers a broad range of linguistic fields. Central areas of linguistic research are dealt with regularly, and less frequently discussed questions are the subject of special issues, where guest editors are always welcome.

Linguistik online deals with:

Consulting editors:

In order to ensure  a high quality journal, articles will only be published after having been approved of by at least one, but preferably by two co-editors. To make this possible, a large circle of co-editors is necessary. To date, the following scholars are among those who have agreed to join this circle:

Werner Abraham, Wien; Per Bærentzen, Aarhus;  Thomas Becker, Rostock; Michael Becker-Mrotzek, Köln; Irmtraud Behr, Paris; Hardarik Blühdorn, Mannheim; Armin Burckhardt, Magdeburg; Elisabeth Burr, Duisburg; Kai-Uwe Carstensen, Zürich; Nicole Dehé, Braunschweig; Elke Donalies, Mannheim; Christa Dürscheid, Zürich; Eugène Faucher, Nancy; Jörg Fehr, Berlin; Anita Fetzer, Stuttgart; Thorsten Fögen, Berlin; Kirsten Gomard, Aarhus; Reinhold Greisbach, Köln; Hartmut Günther, Köln; Hartmut Haberland, Roskilde; Theo Harden, Dublin; Ernest W. B. Hess-Lüttich, Bern; Lloyd Holliday, Melbourne; Klaus Hölker, Hannover; Antje Hornscheidt, Berlin; Paulina Jänecke, Berlin; Susanne J. Jekat, Winterthur; Remi Jolivet, Lausanne; Panayotis Kelandrias, Korfu; Jörg Keller, Hamburg; Jo Anne Kleifgen, New York; Wolf Peter Klein, Berlin; Maxi Krause, Caen; Brenda Laca, Paris; Torsten Leuschner, Gent; Christiane Maaß, Hannover; Jens Erik Mogensen, Kopenhagen; Martina Möllering, Sydney; Bernd S. Müller, Sankt Augustin; Dirk Naguschewski, Berlin; Marek Nekula, Regensburg; Elke Nowak, Berlin; Guido Oebel, Saga (Japan); Anastasia Parianou, Korfu; Christiane Pankow, Göteborg; Ingrid Piller, Sydney; Vesna Polovina, Belgrad; Gisela Redeker, Groningen; Peter Rosenberg, Frankfurt (Oder); Gesine Schiewer, Bern; Brigitte Schlieben-Lange ; Peter Schmitter, Münster; Ulrich Schmitz, Essen; Hartmut Schröder, Frankfurt (Oder); Farzad Sharifian, Perth (Australia); Beat Siebenhaar, Bern; Olga Tomic, Leiden; Jürgen Trabant, Berlin; Petra Maria Vogel, Bern; Jörg Wagner, Halle ; Eric Russel Webb, Kalamazoo (Michigan); Harald Weydt, Frankfurt (Oder); Andrew Wilson, Lancaster.

Anyone else interested in cooperating is asked to contact me ().


Linguistik online is an international European journal and will therefore publish articles in all European languages. However, potential authors should take the following facts into consideration: For this reason, Linguistik online recommends its authors in general to restrict themselves to English, French, German, and Spanish.

Linguistik online  is based in Frankfurt (Oder) at the Faculty for Cultural Sciences at the European University "Viadrina". The library of this faculty will keep one paper copy of each edition by way of an additional back up.

Upcoming subjects:

The call for papers is on for the upcoming issues:

Please contact us if you have a contribution for one of these!

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1, 1/98: Computer-mediated communication

2, 1/99: Language and gender

3, 2/99: Lexicography

4, 3/99: Morphology and Syntax

5, 1/00: Conversation analysis: New developments

6, 2/00: Particles

7, 3/00: Language groups in every day life

8, 1/01: Language contact and areal linguistics: Europe

9, 2/01: Teaching German as a foreign language

10, 1/02: Foreign language teaching

11, 2/02: Language and gender

12, 3/02: Miscellaneous

13, 1/03: Festschrift in honour of Harald Weydt

14, 2/03: Lingustics and Cultural Studies